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The concept of marketing is itself an old one and remains essential to this day. Marketing is a way for businesses to create more awareness about the product or service that they offer. After all, a quality job is one that is highly valued by customers. Still, if customers aren’t aware if a business caters to their needs, they won’t go to that business. Marketing makes sure that the people who are looking for something and the companies that provide it are given the opportunity to engage with each other.

But marketing, while an old concept, is also one that is continually changing. The old marketing techniques, such as using “town criers,” for example, may work for a local advertising effort, but what about reaching an entire city? Or state? Or the whole country? To meet those needs, better, newer techniques, like digital marketing campaigns to consumer and business, are required, and this is where Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide can help.

Where Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Came From

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing a homegrown, completely American owned, and operated business. It was started by a disabled veteran who refused to remain unproductive after protecting the country and decided to help America grow instead, by assisting its businesses. That ambition first started in the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, and steadily grew on one success after another. Today, the staff of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide has among them a combined total of over 50 years of experience in marketing.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide first started its business in the “analog era,” when direct physical, or “snail” mail was one of the few effective techniques available. Direct mail, however, laid the groundwork for many of the company’s other ventures, as the skills cultivated from gathering data, analyzing it, and categorizing it gave the company the ability to create a robust, detailed, responsive database.

Those efforts yielded dividends as the company significantly expanded the scale and scope of operations. From direct mail serving only clients in Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide now serves B2B, as well as general consumer businesses. It does throughout all of the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii. It’s also gone global, providing customer data for clients looking at Mexico, Canada, and even across the Atlantic in countries like France.

The Digital Sector

Direct mail is the foundation of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide, but the company has evolved with the times. Direct mail remains an effective means of marketing, but it lacks two key areas, speed, and analytics. As with other traditional media, direct mail is a “one-way” marketing solution. When a poster is made, or a direct mail promotion is sent out, you only know that the medium itself has been created and successfully distributed. You don’t know how effective it is, how many people have seen it, and, unless you include a call to action, you don’t know how many people it worked on.

Digital marketing is very different in this regard. Because of the data-driven, interactive nature of digital marketing, you get much more information; you can spread your message to a much wider audience. Direct mail, for example, is limited in terms of time and funding by how much you are willing to spend on printing, then mailing the material. With digital marketing, such as email, you get instant results with targeted, responsive driver email databases. As soon as a person clicks to respond to an email, for example, you get the name of the person answering, as well as the location, and any other value associated user data. In other words, you get the analytics that can help to show you what’s working, what’s not, where it’s working, and how well it’s working.

Digital marketing campaigns provide more versatility and useful data to businesses, in addition to circumventing certain physical considerations, such as printing costs. In the 21st century, no marketing effort is considered complete unless it has a digital marketing campaign component.

More Than One Way To Reach Out

The other advantage of digital marketing campaigns to consumers and businesses is the variety of “delivery systems” that are open to clients. Direct mail has only one venue for expression, and that is designing, printing, and physically delivering the materials, then hoping for the best.

Digital marketing campaigns, on the other hand, have many different components, such as:


Cellular technology has now made messaging systems small, mobile, and on every popular personal mobile computing device, such as smartphones and tablets. While texting or Short Message Systems (SMS) first appeared on earlier cellular phones, this technology has persisted into the smartphone era and is still an effective digital means of reaching out to an audience.

Voice Broadcasting

While telemarketing is considered a separate component in traditional, physical marketing, it can be incorporated seamlessly into a digital marketing campaign. Digital formats are capable of delivering material in multiple media, sometimes simultaneously, including pure text, graphics, sound, and even voice broadcasting.  If you feel that your marketing material is more effective with the spoken word, you don’t have to limit yourself to radio or telemarketing as your only venues.

Email Marketing

It didn’t take long for email to go beyond a means of quick, easy, text-based communication in a few universities to a staple of marketing. Email has all the text advantages of direct mail, with none of the physical drawbacks. One of the best components of email marketing is it can even be an automated process. You don’t have to create a single email campaign and send it out to a list of customers. You can even create specific emails to draw customers back, such as when your website detects them viewing particular items.

Targeted Marketing

Digital marketing campaigns to consumer and business also benefit from Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide and our commitment to data compilation. We don’t just provide names and email addresses; we can provide lists based on demographic characteristics, such as whether people are mortgage holders or renters. We can provide lists for special interests, such as firearm enthusiasts or coin collectors.

Whatever your need, whether it is for the general public, a specific demographic, or even other businesses, we can help.

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